From our guests...

I have fished J-V/Kearns lake every year since 1983 and it is by far the best lake I have ever fished, including some in Alaska.  It is a lake where you can catch 30-75 walleyes a day that weigh up to 12 lbs.  Most in the 2-7 lb range.  If you are after northern you will catch plenty of them as well.  My largest was 31.6 lbs.  Every year we have had several in the 20 lb plus range.  Why go any place else to fish!  The camp is very comfortable, with just about everything you will need provided.

Tom Mendenhall
Ramsey, MN

Hunting @ Thousand Lakes Outposts

Moose hunting info listed first then scroll down for Bear hunting info and pricing.

MOOSE HUNTING  2016  --   Choose your hunt ---- Archery, Rifle,  FLY-IN or DRIVE IN

Drive in Archery hunt in WMU 15B, to a tent camp, Up to 14 Days, Season starts Sept 17th-Oct 7th, 2016

2 Hunters Minimum, One Bull, and One Calf           $ 3300 US 
2 Hunters Minimum, One Bull, and One Cow           $ 3500 US
3 Hunters, One Bull, One Cow, One Calf                   $ 3000 US
3 Hunters, Two Bull, One Cow                                    $ 4000 US
4 Hunters, Two Bull, One Cow, One Calf                   $ 3250 US
4 Hunters, Two Bull, Two Calf                                    $ 3000 US

FLY IN Archery HUNTS:  Add $1000.00 US Per person
PARTY HUNTING IS ALLOWED, GUIDES AVAILABLE, non-resident hunting licence & taxes extra, minimum 2 hunters

FLY IN 10 day Early season ANY weapon hunt, WMU 16C to a remote lake drop tent camp,  Season starts Sept 19th, 2016

2 Hunters Minimum, One Bull, and One Cow           $ 5000 US
3 Hunters, One Bull, One Cow, One Calf                   $ 4500 US
4 Hunters, One Bull, One Cow, Two Calf                   $ 4000 US

PARTY HUNTING IS ALLOWED, GUIDES AVAILABLE, non-resident hunting licence & taxes extra, minimum 2 hunters


Executive Archery/Rifle Fly-in Cabin with FOOD and Licence

                                                                                                                      $ 8000.00 each plus tax

Fly-in Rifle hunt, early season in a Cabin, (Sept 21st) 7 day hunt, CABIN, food, hunting license, bull tag for each hunter, boats, motors, gas, all flying.  You bring hunting gear/sleeping bag.  Guides available at an extra charge of $200 per day.   Minimum of 4 hunters,  $8000.00 each plus tax.


 ALL INCLUSIVE Archery/Rifle Fly-in Cabin with Licence, Food, Cook, Guides 

                                                                                                                      $ 10,000.00 each plus tax

Fly-in Rifle hunt, ALL INCLUSIVE early season (Sept 21st) 7 day hunt, everything included, CABIN, food, cook, guides, boats, motors, gas, all flying, hunting license, Adult validation for each hunter.  You bring hunting gear/sleeping bag.  Minimum 4 hunters, $10,000.00 plus tax per hunter. No alcohol provided.

Guides are available for all hunts, at $250 per day for a minimum of 7 days.

Additional Info:

Party hunting is allowed so a group can share bull tags to lower the cost of the hunt, example 2 hunters with 1 bull tag, and one calf tag.  

Thousand Lakes Outposts operates a you-drive fully modern tent camp in a high moose population area north of Thunder Bay.

We supply adult validation and a quality heated tent camp with cots, shower and fully equipped kitchen tent on an isolated lake, you supply the exciting hunt!
Have a look in the photo gallery under Moose Hunting for photos of some huge moose and photos of the tent camp.

You drive your own vehicle and/or ATV to countless bush roads, cutovers, and thousands of lakes all around the camp. You supply your food, drinks, and gear.

Hunt up to 12 days in a vast area with few hunters and a high success rate. Hunt starts Sept 19th to Oct 3, you pick 12 days.


I want to again thank you for the services you provided to make our hunt one which truly will never be forgotten and marked I’m sure as one of the most memorable. If you could have controlled the weather the “what ifs” would be completely out of our stories. Right from the start everything from the camp, pre-season scouting reports & terrain and were spot on. As the weather broke and the rut heated up a hunter couldn’t have asked for a better setup. We kept on the move never running into other hunters and finding moose. If you told me in 5 consecutive days you called 10 different bulls into range & in three of those mornings you had two bulls working at the same time, well I may not have believed you but know I can say I’ve done it! Thank you for the time and energy you put into our hunt and see you again in 2013!



Rick Panzer 2012,

Hi Dwayne,   thought I'd drop you a line and say thanks for a great hunt, I cant say enough about the camp it was great having hot and cold running water (and shower)!, and best of all having wood floors in the tents, you have a beautiful place no comparison to other camps I've been in. Although the temperature for that time of year was unusually warm I was amazed at the amount of moose activity we were still having . I had a great time,everyone in camp was awesome and I can't wait to see ya all again this fall. 
Andy Sawyer,
New York




I was compelled to write you a note after our 2009 archery moose hunt. First, I want to thank you for all you have done for us. It all started with your suggestion to move us to an area that you believed had more moose so we might have better success this year. I have to admit, I was hesitant to move from the area where we had previously hunted the three years prior.  Knowing that you had our best interest at heart we agreed to move to the new area. This area was everything you said it would be. You scouted for us and set up a tent at our camping spot, complete with a brand new wood stove. We didn't expect you to provide us with detailed maps. You even pointed out where you thought we might find a bull. You were right on the mark. I proceeded to shoot a 48" bull exactly where you put the "X" on the map! You are one heck of a guide. I have archery hunted moose at three different outfitters over the past 15 years. I have never saw a guide with so much enthusiasm and knowledge. Your passion for moose hunting and your integrity is unmatched. You exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond. I would highly recommend your services to anyone. In fact after a lifetime of hunting I can truly say "it doesn't get any better than this”. We will be back again next year.


Thanks again,

Mike Vande Ven







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Bear Hunting

We have just acquired shares in 4 Bear Management Areas (BMA's) just west of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  The area is well known for quality bears and we are well known for the quality of our moose hunting and moose camps.  We bring that same dedication and superior tent camps to the bear hunt.  We will provide active baits for each hunter as well as tree ladder stands, you're welcome to bring your own for custom placement over the baits.  

Choose a 7 day Archery or Rifle hunt.  Combination Archery Bear and Moose hunts can be arranged as well.  Combination hunts would be one week bear and one week moose hunting.   Call for combination rates.   

The hunts will be semi guided with maps and assistance to the hunting areas as well as tracking and retrieving the bear.  The camps include a separate sleeping tent with large Cabbalas cots, a cooking tent that is fully equipped with propane stove and all the cookware.  The camp is powered by a generator for lights, freezer and charging equipment.  There is hot and cold running water for a shower and a sink for doing dishes.  You bring your food, drink, hunting gear, and sleeping bag.  


7 day rifle or archer semi guided hunts with accommodation        $1800 US plus tax
Groups of 4 with hunting for four 
bears will receive a 10% discount

Party Hunting is allowed:  2 hunters hunting for one bear,      $1200 US each

                                              4 hunters hunting for 3 bears,        $1400 US each

You purchase the non-resident bear licence by phone or on line.
Export permits are $35
$500 deposit required with the remainder due 60 days prior to the hunt.  
Deposits and non refundable